This year Andrey Kurochkin in accordance of Inna Kurochkina has opened the Centre for the Marina Tsvetaeva’s Poetry Society in Prague and designed this exhibition. The exposition is dedicated to the 120 th anniversary of Marina Tsvetaeva and to the period, when she lived in Czechia — her beloved country.

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Andrey and Inna also published a book with biography of Tsvetaeva.

Memorial plaque was installed this summer in Všenory, where lived Tsvetaeva. It was designed by Andrey

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  • Hello, wonderful work! Fascinating! Where could I buy the book? In which language it is published? I am in Prague 16.11. and could buy it while in town. Thank you for the info! Best regards, Venla

    • Thank you very much for your response. You could by the book at the Centre, which can be found in Praha 1, Tržiště, 16 (Mala Strana). Book is published in Czech and Russian. All the best wishes!


  • what is the visitors adress of the centre ?
    I am in Praha 15.04.14
    Thank you

  • sorry, i just found it nearby!

    • All the best!