Interior of the two-level penthouse consists of the private company office and private apartment. The first, representative floor of the office is connected by two-tiers round hall with upper «entertainment» floor, continuing by 1200 sq.m. terrace, resembling a floating tropical oasis over the city.

Finstar. Office of the Private Company. Kiev. 2008

The owners of Rive Gauche Company, which deals with perfumery, have wittingly allocated their office in the premises of former railway depot. The locomotive depot of the Warsaw train station, like many other constructions of mid 19th century in St. Petersburg, was built in red brick. A fetching idea of creating a trendy office was a rather interesting material for us, with 14 arch-like openings for trains in order to go through.

The cupola of an atrium was replaced with glass, allowing the sunbeams reflect on the flawlessly polished marble floor. In the arches, were some time ago trains used to be let through, appeared a new floor with a ring of offices for staff members.

The cast-iron staircase reincarnates the image of Russia in the times of introduction of heavy industry. It was made according to our drawings, as well as cast-iron pillars and balustrades.

Office for the Rive Gauche. 2008
Aeroplaza. Office. Saint-Petersburg. 2007
Vulcan. Office. Saint-Petersburg. 2005

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